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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's What Happened.....Part 4

My radiologist....what I can I say about Dr S? Her passion for womens' health was evident immediately. I had met her once before ~ last summer, when I was recovering from my hysterectomy, she performed a test at my follow up exam. Then, she struck me as very confident, very knowledgeable, and with a terrific sense of style. I know, I shouldn't be concerned with my doctor's wardrobe but this is a fairly small city. We are definitely shopping challenged around here, at least in my price range. I was laying on the exam table in a very unflattering and uncomfortable position when she breezed in and my first thought was, I wonder where she shops? Yeah, I know. I need help.

So anyway, this time around Dr S came into the ultrasound room and immediately the tech became visibly nervous. While I wouldn't want to work for an intimidating boss, I would totally choose one to lead my team. Dr S took a quick look at the ultrasound screen, directing the tech toward the areas she wanted a closer look at. After just a few minutes she asked if that man waiting alone across the hall was with me, then sent the tech to bring him in.

While we were waiting for Walker, Dr S asked me when he'd had his stroke. To me, Walker's stroke isn't immediately evident unless he's really tired. Since he was sitting in a chair reading a magazine I had to wonder what Dr S had noticed, but I just answered her question and we moved on. By that time, I had a pretty good idea that Dr S had something to say. The official reason for getting Walker was that she wanted to make sure that he knew my appointment would be a drawn out affair, but I knew that if everything had checked out I would have been released after the ultrasound. Something was definitely up.

One of the things that I really appreciate about Dr S is her directness. As soon as I introduced Walker, Dr S looked me right in the eye and said, "There is an area of concern on your films that I need to biopsy, but I can tell you right now, with thirty years of experience, that I know the answer without the biopsy. It is cancer. You have cancer."

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