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Saturday, September 25, 2010

An Outing

Today I asked Walker to drive me downtown to my favorite park. The weather was cold, very windy, with a promise of rain. We went anyway.

There was a special reason why I wanted to go to the park today: the Moving Wall, a half-size traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was set up there. We wanted to pay our respects.

I've never been to Washington, DC. Never viewed the Memorial. I don't know anyone who died in Vietnam. Regardless, the visiting the Moving Wall was an emotional experience. As we walked along the memorial, reading name after name after was surreal. Knowing that every one of those 58,195 names represented a life lost, a family devastated, was almost too much.

I was planning to take photos of the Wall but somehow, in that setting, it just didn't feel right. Members of several veterans' groups were on hand and, I don't know, it felt almost like taking photos at a funeral or something. So I googled the wall and found this photo. If you ever get a chance to visit the Memorial in DC, or view the Moving Wall, please take the time to do so. And bring your Kleenex.

photo by Susan Parker

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